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ChieChel profile picture ChieChelJanuary 2018
Hi. I would like to learn Malay. Thanks in advance
china-cs profile picture china-csFebruary 2010

hi! i am come from chinese i can teach chinese ,i want to learn english and Become Friends !my msn is china-cschina-cs profile picture

  • Kingslee profile picture KingsleeSeptember 2017
    Are you still interested to learn English? I can teach you English. In return you can teach me Mandarin.
  • andymohd93 profile picture andymohd93December 2012
    i want 2 learn chinese.. my friend u can teach me pliszzzzzzz
YouCanBe profile picture YouCanBeSeptember 2016
finding a penpal, i live in malaysia, i can teach you chinese!!
  • Rashidi87 profile picture Rashidi87September 2016
    I want to lean Chinese. Do have WhatsApp?
StarlightKelly profile picture StarlightKellyNovember 2012
I'm studying TESL but on my first day of class i got a headache and a nice...
  • nana1008 profile picture nana1008November 2013
    sound like u had a real bad day
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