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Merhaba ve Tünaydin türk arkadaslarim! siz için bir sorum var boyle bir mesala : türkçem(i) geliştirmem lazım. What does (i) in this context stand for?


HamzaSancar profile picture HamzaSancarJanuary 2022
”m” is possessive suffix. In Turkish ”i” is ”belirtme eki”. I don’t know how can I say in English.
deniz39 profile picture deniz39January 2022
’’i’’ if the i letter is not used while forming the sentence, the sentence becomes meaningless and something like ’’I’m tukısh wants to improve’’ happens
bilgehanesque profile picture bilgehanesqueJuly 2021
In this sentence, the ”i” is used to point to an object. Its name in Turkish grammar is belirtili nesne eki(qualified noun). Türkçe (simple noun) + m (possessive suffix) + -i (qualified noun).