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Merhaba! I would like to learn turkish via whatsapp. Is there anyone that would like to help me? Thank you!
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sangreall profile picture sangreallOctober 2018
I can help you
Firatesta profile picture FiratestaAugust 2015
I can teach
justwatch profile picture justwatchMarch 2015
OK. I can teach you Turkish but you too teach me English. Skype: enes_targay
whatsapp: +90542 742 6153
direnn profile picture dirennMarch 2015
Right. If you want, I can send you my phone number. It's just enough of you to inform me.
akinsanin22 profile picture akinsanin22February 2015
hi i can help you.
Nil2006 profile picture Nil2006Last month
I can help you
sibel_hani profile picture sibel_haniMarch 2019
merhaba. I can help you as an English language teacher and as a native speaker. Send me your number