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What is the difference between ‎فَكَّرَ and تَأَمَّلَ and ظَنَّ and اِعْتَقَدَ ?
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laland profile picture laland1 hour ago

  بمعنى نظر في الامر مليا للتحقق والاستيقان وفكر يعني تشغيل العقل للوصول لحل ما وظن اي شك 

اعتقد اي ظن ولكن لايوجد شك

muammar2 profile picture muammar2Yesterday
التأمل also is related to mind operations of spiritual experiences here we are not talking about focusing on some live or material issue, the object of thinking here might be a god and the experience is not a logical or inductive thinking but rather a mind guided spiritual experience
muammar2 profile picture muammar2Yesterday
فكر equals think while تأمل equals meditate or think it deeply, فكر أيضا قد تعني يظنwhich is a type of doubting about something and it is bases on a type of guessing or deduction, while تأمل refers to deep thinking and logical or inductive method of thinking
bezzaf profile picture bezzaf6 days ago

in french they say croire for ( ظن واعتقد) contempler ( تامل) and penser a (فكر في)

Anassebaq profile picture Anassebaq2 weeks ago
فكر بمعنى التفكر thinking
تامل من معنى التامل meditate
اعتقد بمعنى الاعتقاد اى قوه الظن
اما ظن تاتى بمعنى شك