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🕒 How do you Express the Past in Spanish?


Efraingaytan profile picture EfraingaytanSeptember 2022
There are different ways to express the past, let’s express the verb imagine and the pronoun I ( each example has its proper name in grammar: yo imaginé, yo hube imaginado, yo he imaginado, yo haya imaginado, yo imaginaba, yo había imaginado, yo habré imaginado, yo habría imaginado, yo haya imaginado, yo hubiera o hubiese imaginado.
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Angie02 profile picture Angie022 weeks ago
Expressing the past tense in Spanish depends on the pronoun verb, since each step is different. You must memorize the past tense of each verb based on the pronoun you use.
For example, the verb hacer(do):

Yo hice
Tu hiciste
El hizo
Nosotros hicimos
Ellos hicieron