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Ladino and Spanish: 2 different languages or the same one?

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PabloWang profile picture PabloWangMay 2022
Ladino (also called Judaeo-Spanish) and Spanish are two different languages. They both derived from Old Spanish.
It was the time when Jews scatter all around Europe and some Jews come to the Iberian Peninsula, but they can’t fit in with the locals, so a dialect of Old Spanish formed, and it became Latino.
Ladino is written in the Hebrew alphabet and contains a great amount of Hebrew and Aramaic loanwords, numerous elements from other Old Romance Languages are also found in Ladino.
superfaco profile picture superfaco2 weeks ago
A good comparison is Spanish is to Ladino what German is to Yiddish. They can be mutually intelligible, but they are distinct languages with different alphabets and quite a variation from one another.
Yagmur00 profile picture Yagmur00July 2022
There are 2 Different languages