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🤗 How do you say ”hello” in Spanish? ( Spanish speaking countries)

Dear Polyglots 😃

Could you please help PolyglotClub complete the Wiki page that contains the different ways to greet people in Spanish?

➡ Spanish Greetings (Edit the Wiki)

Many thanks!
Vincent, PolyglotClub founder


Efraingaytan profile picture Efraingaytan2 days ago
When we say an informal hello to a unknown person, we say: ” primo, pri, camarada” too.
  • vincent profile picture vincent2 days ago
    good to know! I complete the article is it only from Mexico or all around Spanish speaking countries ?
LaureL29 profile picture LaureL293 days ago
Usually is Hola!
Depending of the moment of the day, we can say:
In the morning (before 12pm): Buenos días!
1After 12 pm: Buenas tardes