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How do you ask for help, in Russian?

Привет ) и извините, что пишу на английском /

When asking for help, I guess you can consider two different meanings:
1. support, as when you need directions in order to do something or go somewhere;
2. rescue, as when you're drowning or being assaulted.

What would you say in Russian, in each of those situations?


About_Blank profile picture About_BlankAugust 2023

1. Вы не подска́жете, как мне пройти́... как найти́... где нахо́дится...?

(Can you tell me how to get through... how to find... where is...?)

Помоги́те мне сде́лать...  Объясни́те, как сде́лать...

(Help me do... Explain how to do...)


2. Помоги́те! Спаси́те! Вы́зовите поли́цию! Гра́бят! Пожа́р! Тону́!

(Help! Save! Call the police! Robbery! Fire! Drown!)

  • Xophe profile picture XopheAugust 2023
    Many thanks for your quick and thorough answer, @About_Blank. Stess marks *much* appreciated
About_Blank profile picture About_BlankAugust 2023

ok :D and don't forget that all unstressed "o" should be pronounced as "a"