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Hey, a friend of mine is from Morocco and I would love to wish him all the best for his upcoming birthday. Is there anyone who could translate the following sentences in Moroccan Arabic?

Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best and hope that you have an amazing day. 
Now you're 23 but you look like you haven't gotten one year older. What's your secret? A face cream or something? I wish I could be with you now. See you soon.

Bon anniversaire!  Je vous souhaite le meilleur et j'espère que vous passerez une excellente journée.
 Maintenant, vous avez 23 ans mais vous avez l'air de ne pas avoir vieilli d'un an.  Quel est ton secret?  Une crème pour le visage ou quelque chose?  J'aimerais pouvoir être avec toi maintenant.  À bientôt.


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Why not
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Firstly, read my notes in parentheses before sending the message!

3id milad sa3id! Tantmna lik al afdal o tantmna (I was obliged changing the verb to hope by to wish for a lingual reason ) Anna nharak ikon raai3.
7aliyan 3andak 23 walakin tatban b7ala ga3ma tzaditi 3am akhor. Chnahwa ssir diyalak? Wach chi cream (here I removed “or something”) ? Tantmana imkan liya nkon m3ak daba. Nchofak fl 9arib l3ajil.