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To learn Mandarin, do I learn the character first or pin yin first
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Jimmy_in_Shenzhen profile picture Jimmy_in_ShenzhenMay 2019
I suggest you can start with pinyin first. It's easy and help you a lot. You can speak any Chinese character by the help of pinyin.
vincent profile picture vincentMay 2019

Good question. laugh

If you want to go faster I suggest to start with pinyin and learn the characters thanks to pinyin. 

Using your computer or smartphone, if you type the pinyin "ma", you will be able to select in the drop dow list, one of several characters: 嗎, 吗 (...).

Nowdays, thanks to computers I think it is not so important to learn how to write characters, but more learn how to read characters.

This is my method to learn fast. Because learning how to write characters can take many years...

lilialiu profile picture lilialiuJune 2019
pin yin