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大家好!我叫杨凯茹,我今年20岁。 我从三月学习汉语。 我想认识一位中国朋友。 我可以你教英语和波兰语。 我等你的答题!再见
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    March 2015100% GOOD (1 votes)
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Yes,I can~
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I am a girl and like chinese and English, and I very willing to help you .this is my e-mail yilingzhangyilingzhang profile picture. we can become pen pal.
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hello,I'm from China,I'd like to help you learn Chinese。I hope you can teach me to speak English。Because,My English is all by translation tools
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Nice to meet you here, I am Jonathan, I am from China, you can teach me English and I can teach you Chinese, I think we can improve together.
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很高兴认识你,我想学习英语 我可以教你汉语 我们可以互相学习,不过我英语不好没基础····
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I am a Chinese student,I want to improve my English,I can help you to learn Chinese. My Skype is:leiteng981
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你好 我叫余梦婷 我想学习英语 我可以教你汉语 我们可以互相学习
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