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I found on my Korean study book, ”학교가 멀어요” and ”커피가 달아요”. Both 멀다 & 달다 end with ㄹ, why 달다 becomes 달아요, not 달어요?
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Sunny5 profile picture Sunny52 weeks ago

달아요  =  ㄷ ㅏ ㄹ  +  ㅇ요  ---  both  ”

멀어요  =  ㅁ ㅓ ㄹ  +  ㅇ요  ---  both  ”


So, the key is not in ””,   it is in  ” 

This is the basic principle.


  • DavidJeon profile picture DavidJeon5 days ago
    I add some more explain.
    Korean has a principle, vowel harmony.
    Vowel harmony is that vowels having similar feelings come together.
    Especially, there are positive vowels and negative vowels.

    양성 모음 (positive vowels): ㅏ, ㅐ, ㅑ, ㅒ, ㅗ, ㅘ, ㅙ, ㅚ, ㅛ
    음성모음 (negative vowels): ㅓ, ㅔ, ㅕ, ㅖ, ㅜ, ㅝ, ㅞ, ㅟ, ㅠ, ㅡ, ㅢ

    Positive vowels have bright and light feelings.
    Negative vowels have dark and heavy feelings.
kimwoohyun profile picture kimwoohyun4 days ago
특별한 규칙은 없어요.
1. 키가 작아요.
2. 팔이 길어요.
3. 거리가 멀어요.
4. 사람이 적어요.
5. 그런거 같아요.