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How to call friend's father and mother in Hindi?

my parents older than his parents. Thanks

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naresh_mee profile picture naresh_meeAugust 2020
your parents are older than his parents than you can call "Chachi" (mother) and "Chacha" (father).
If your parents are younger than you can call 'tayaji' (mother) and 'tau-ji' (father).
mihirs profile picture mihirsDecember 2016

Usually, one can address one's friend's parents by "Uncle" and "auntie", especially in the cities. However, insisting on Hindi, one can also call them "chacha" and "chachi". "Chacha" is, literally, a younger brother of your father, while "chachi" is his wife.
  • 1214saahil profile picture 1214saahilMay 2020
    One small variation here. In case the friends parents are elder than your own parents, you could call them Tayaji and Tayiji for male and female respectively. Hope that helps