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HEG N NUWE VIDEO AAN!81% het "MOOI" gesê (31 votes)
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Ivory2009 profile picture Ivory2009May 2017
Nice one, keep it up!
marimibrahim profile picture marimibrahimApril 2016

/:Hii plz contact-me
marskuang profile picture marskuangApril 2013
lovely girl!
anislav profile picture anislavJanuary 2010

cool video! thank you for posting it

soysuboca profile picture soysubocaJuly 2008
Es bueno que hayan quienes se tomen la molestia de DAR de lo que tienen y creo que esta chica lo esta haciendo.  Chévere!!
Sarasara2008 profile picture Sarasara2008June 2008

I thought the video was really cool !    Even though it was more of a review for me ...

I liked how she kept repeating it .  It makes it easier to memorize  .

Though to respond  to one of the comments ,  I thought it was perfectly natural for her to exagerate . ( By the way we say to roll the "r" in English ) It's a video for beginners .   

Well , I thought it was a cool video !!!


Bis Bald


Adriana_7 profile picture Adriana_7May 2008

  Creo que este video estaría bien, si lo hubiera hecho un nativo !

      Cada lengua tiene su encanto, en este caso,  nada mejor que una voz alemana.