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How to know when to use DER DIE DAS?? Is there any way to identify the gender? Thank you
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woodstock_72 profile picture woodstock_72Last month
Russian_king is right. You just have to learn it. But there are some rules that make it a little easier. All abstract words ending in -tion are "die" (feminin). All words is ending in -heit or -keit are "die". All words ending with -schaft are female too. Words ending in -e tend to be female, but there are exceptions. For example der Hase. Words ending in -tum are das (neutral) without exception. Names of trees are female with some exceptions (die Erle, die Pappel, die Buche, but der Ahorn). Verbs that are turned into nouns are das (neutral): das Fahren, das Verstehen. Words in -ung are female without exception. So it is definitely worth to look for order in the chaos. Maybe there are even more rules, but these could be useful as a starter.

Viel Spaß beim Deutschlernen. (Remember: Deutschlernen has a verb as second part, so it must be : das Deutschlernen!!!)
  • betty_cgn profile picture betty_cgn5 weeks ago
    You only have to lern it. I think you can search in google to find list with the words and the gender
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