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What's the difference between Haus and Hause?
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Tannhaeuser profile picture TannhaeuserJuly 2013
Haus is the regular word for house. But if you say that you're going home, for example, ich gehe nach Hause, the word takes on an "e" at the end. I'm not sure why. This is just one of those German grammar things.
  • tomtysk profile picture tomtyskJanuary 2019
    Sprechen wir vom Gebäude, so schreiben wir Haus immer ohne e am Ende.
    Ist es der Platz, an dem ich wohne, ist mein zu Hause, oder ich gehe nach Hause.
Duc_ profile picture Duc_September 2017
Nominativ Singular: Das Haus (the house)
Genitiv Singular: Des Hauses (of the house)
Dativ Singular: Dem Haus(e) [two forms, with 'e' gets outdated now] (the house)
Akkusativ Singular: Das Haus
The Plural declinates in the same sequence as: Die Häuser, der Häuser, den Häusern, die Häuser.
fb_1542385483 profile picture fb_1542385483November 2018

This is an old dative inflection that has basically gone out of style but nonetheless remains with certain words or expressions. Since nach Hause is so common, the -e has stayed

Bennoni profile picture BennoniJanuary 2017
its grammatical stuff. Here are some examples for "hause".
1. Ich bin zu Hause (i'm at home)
2. Ich habe nichts zu essen im Hause (i dont have any food at home / at my house) allthough in that case its a bit antique, so haus would also be correct
3. Ich hause stets ordentlich (i always live tidy)
4. Ich bin abends außer Hause (I'm not at home at evening)