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What does ”l’ai”mean in French?

I'm not sure if it means "I have it" or "I got it". Maybe the meaning isn't either of these sentences. Could someone also tell what two words it is put together with?


Lifeisyellow profile picture LifeisyellowDecember 2015

"ai" is the verb to have coonjugated at the first person in the present : j'ai = I have.

"l' " is a "pronom personel complement d'objet direct" it refers to something or someone. je l'ai = I have it

la-petite-sirene profile picture la-petite-sireneDecember 2015
"l'ai" ist not correct. "Je l'ai" is correct.
I have it. If you ask someone if he has something. Je l'ai. Have you got this lesson ? Yes "Je l'ai".