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How to tell? She has to go to school. or She must go in the school.
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AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBgOctober 2020
They are both correct, but each has a different meaning. I’ve even seen some native speaker ”English teachers” get this one wrong

”She has to go to school” - there is an ”external” obligation that requires going to school, such as the government or her parents telling her to do it.

e.g. She has to go to school until she is 16 because that is the law in her country. - it’s the government of her country imposing this on her.

But if it is out of personal will / benefit / because ”she wants to”, then

She must go to school and then university if she wants to get the job of her dreams - necessity comes from her because this is what needs to be done if she wants to have her dream job afterwards.

By the way, the past form for both ”have to” and ”must” is ”had to”.
OscarBeit profile picture OscarBeitSeptember 2020

of course that it will be she has to go to school.
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jadedoracle17 profile picture jadedoracle17March 2014
How to say (not tell) correct is she has to go to school.