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is the"still water "the same meaning as "pure water"?
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genzaimu profile picture genzaimu   
"Still water" is just water in general, whether found in tap, lakes, or anywhere else not treated. "Pure water" is also known as purified water, which is also know as "distilled water". "Pure water" goes through a process of "purification". In conclusion, those two phrases you asked about are different.
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  • Acasualdream profile picture Acasualdream   
    Still Water refers to water that does not have a natural current, a lake without an undertow or current would be considered Still Water. Because of the build up of bacteria Still or Standing water is considered dangerous for human consumption. Pure water is a term for clean water (as stated above, normally purified or filtered)
      Feb 03, 2014 @ 04:44