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how I can write a good eassy

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nmesomtoChukwu profile picture nmesomtoChukwuJanuary 2022

Hi Khuloodsh. Pick a nice topic, read other authors' works on that topic, copy and tweak their works until you feel confident and bubbling with ideas. Then, write your original content and go easy on yourself - it takes time to create a masterpiece! 😄

  • kevinjones92 profile picture kevinjones92Yesterday
    Also, you can try to use chatGPT to generate new ideas and some parts of the text. But I want to say that in this case you shouldn’t count on a good grade, because copying other people’s work or taking an AI text is a risk, there is a lot of plagiarism. I suggest you look at the examples on this website so that you can see what a quality essay is. It’s really worth taking from them an example of how to do a task well. In the end, you can try to order an assigment there.