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Help me to express my greeting when we meet for the first time, in a short, polite manner.


exRanger profile picture exRanger5 days ago
Hi, I am Rattanaporn. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

NOTE: You might wanna reconsider your User Name ... you do know the meaning of ”porn” in English, right?
  • Rattanaporn profile picture Rattanaporn5 days ago
    Please tell me. I don’t know. What does my name mean in English? Why do they think so in a porn name. But my full name is Rattanaporn. and i have a nickname That’s not the name of porn. I don’t know porn. What does it mean in English? What do you mean? Please tell me.
Adel-ovc profile picture Adel-ovc5 days ago
Nice to meet you
ErnestoAlonzo profile picture ErnestoAlonzo6 days ago
great pleasure to meet you