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Hello’ is there any difference between ”of course” and ”but of course ” ?


AngryGroot profile picture AngryGroot3 weeks ago
Hello, « but of course » is just a way to insist on the obvious. It’s the same thing, but with a different tone.
  • josquindesprez profile picture josquindesprez3 weeks ago
    ”Of course” can be used in more situations.

    ”But of course” emphasizes even more strongly that the answer is yes. It tends to sound overly fancy, and sometimes even condescending. Here’s an example:

    ”Will you be at the party on Saturday night?”
    ”But of course!”

    In this situation ”Of course” would work. ”But of course” is more ”performative.”

    In most cases ”of course” works better, because it is already a strong way of confirming that something is true.