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What English words are BOTH adjectives and adverbs?


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There are also a few adverbs which are also used as adjectives - but with a different adverbal form having a different meaning.

The most famous one is ”hard”:

”It was a hard job” = ”The job required a lot of work/was difficult”.  - adjective.

”She worked hard” = ”She worked a lot” - adverb.

But! ”She hardly worked” = ”She did very little work or worked for a very short time.” ”Hardly” - different adverbal form to "hard" with a different meaning.

Another one is ”late”.

”She worked a late shift.” = ”The shift is beyond the normal work time.” - adjective.

”She worked late” = ”She worked during a time beyond when she usually stops working.” - adverb.

But! ”She has been working lately.” = ”She has been working recently.” "lately" as an adverb here has a very different meaning to "late" in the previous sentence.

Naturally, you can use both adverbal forms of ”hard” and ”late” in the same sentence smile.gif

”She hardly worked hard.”

”She has lately been working late.”

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Words used both as Adjectives and Adverbs

The following words may be used both as adjectives and adverbs. Some examples are given below; for more detailed information, check in a good dictionary.


Modern man leads a fast life. (Here the adjective fast modifies the noun life.)
He drove the car fast. (Here the adverb fast modifies the verb drove.)


Each of us has half ownership in the property. (Here the adjective half modifies the noun ownership.)
She was half crying, half laughing. (Here the adverb half modifies the verbs crying and laughing.)
She is half Spanish, half French. (Here the adverb half modifies the adjectives Spanish and French.)


Don’t expect to get a straight answer from her. (Here the adjective straight modifies the noun answer.)
She went straight home. (Here the adverb straight modifies the verb went.)


The train just left. (Adverb)
He arrived just in time. (Adverb)
God is just. (Adjective)


The meeting is scheduled for late evening. (Adjective)
He arrived late. (Adverb)
She worked late. (Adverb)


We are low on supplies. (Adjective)
Her voice was low. (Adjective)
She turned the gas down low. (Adverb)
The helicopter flew low over the trees. (Adverb)


This is the most expensive gadget I have bought. (Adverb)
Most people enjoy playing with kids. (Adjective)


They moved clear across the country. (Adverb)
She has a clear complexion. (Adjective)


He is very clean in his habits. (Adjective)
We want to play the game clean. (Adverb)