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What’s the best app for voice chat?

When you meet a potential language partner on this web site, you might want to transition from text to voice chat as quickly and seamlessly as possible. But what if that person's available VoIP apps are different from yours? One of you will have to install some new software, or at least create an account on some other web site, and you might not be comfortable in doing that... 


So, what do you do? Do you bite the bullet and go yolo?... only to find out right off the bat that your new acquaintance is not even close to a match, and you're back to square one with nothing more but a bunch of suspicious cr4p on your system, your email address if not more personal details in the hands of global 'benefactors', and your precious time wasted in vain.


Wouldn't you like to just share a custom link and start talking?

Just like this:

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vincent profile picture vincent2 weeks ago
This is excellent ! it’s exactely what I was looking for to add on the site, It will be added soon on the chat.
vincent profile picture vincent2 weeks ago
I’ve integrated the Jitsi system on the Polyglot Chat. On mobile, you have to download the app but on desktop, nothing to do.
  • Xophe profile picture Xophe2 weeks ago
    I’ve successfully used Firefox Lite to enter a Jitsi chat room from an Android tablet, and it worked. So the dedicated app might not be needed.