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Can I learn English by this site?

How speak English in three month 

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Shay1996 profile picture Shay1996Yesterday
Hi 7ozo,

If you wish to start learning English, this is probably one of the best sites to be a part of! As a English (USA) native, I have met so many like-minded people.

Learning a new language, especially English (from what I have heard) isn't easy but if you can find time to study and practice daily it should be possible to speak in 3 months. You most likely, won't be fluent, but I feel you will have a good grasp of the basics.

If you are comfortable, try finding members that offer Skype or other face-to-face video sessions, that way you can practice speaking & hearing the language firsthand. That's what I am doing to learn Russian.

Wishing you the best of luck with learning English!