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come in, come up, draw, draw up

In this video, she use come in and come up. Is there a difference is this situation or it is not the same meaning ? come in come up
Same question with draw and draw up : could she say only draw or is there a difference ?

Thank you.

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DoctorYagle profile picture DoctorYagle4 weeks ago
She says "come in" to show where she is starting the next step, as she is starting "in" the circle pattern, "in" the center. She says "come up" to explain where she goes next, since she goes from the center of the shape to the top, which you have to go "up" to reach. In this instance, "come" and "draw" refer to the same action. So just saying "draw" by itself would not be enough. "Draw up" is the same as "come up" in this case, which is the direction the pen should go.