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Hi, what is the difference between fun and funny, how to use each one
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sk8ter9751 profile picture sk8ter97512 weeks ago
Fun-- can be used as an adjective and a noun
i.e (as adjective) That party was a lot of fun.
(as noun) They sucked all the fun out of the party.

Funny--used as a adjective
The comedian was very funny
The funny show was canceled for lack of viewership.
Polyglot411 profile picture Polyglot4113 days ago
fun is used when something is pleasurable, i.e. video chatting is fun.

Funny is when something is humorous, i.e. Chris Farley is funny.
exRanger profile picture exRanger2 weeks ago
The distinction(s) are a bit more complex than what @sk8ter suggests, but that's the gist of it and close enough for Rock & Roll, yo.

- exRanger