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Difference between "To miss out" and "to miss"?
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nelthoro profile picture nelthoroJanuary 2020
The two are similar, but not quite the same. 'to miss' basically means to fail to hit (e.g. a target), be too late for something (e.g. a train), or be late (e.g. for a meeting). To 'miss out' generally means not to get something you were hoping for. For instance, at school you are really hoping to be chosen for the school football team, but the coach chooses another student. You are disappointed of course, because you 'missed out'. I hope that makes things clearer
  • Rosilis profile picture RosilisJanuary 2020
    One way it can be used... for example, if a friend told you to buy Apple stocks when Apple was not well known and you did not buy stocks... you missed out on an opportunity of becoming very rich.