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"In addition to" or "in addition of" ?
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exRanger profile picture exRangerSeptember 2019
"In addition to" would be correct in this instance. As an alternative, one could say "inclusive of", but it has a slightly different meaning, so best stick w/ "in addition to X"...
alecoiba profile picture alecoibaSeptember 2019
In addition to ....
jameslafferty profile picture jameslaffertySeptember 2019
Without seeing the full context, it is likeliest that you want "in addition to." A common, correct usage:

In addition to apples, I also like oranges.

But this is also correct (though quite a bit quirkier):

In addition of apples, I use a calculator, especially when there are many of them.
  • exRanger profile picture exRangerSeptember 2019
    Note re: "But this is also correct (though quite a bit quirkier): "In addition of apples"

    - Not merely more quirky, but as well a "Britishism". As an American born to an English (Essex) mother & scion of an English family, I heard this expression often as a youth, but to the "American ear" (I was brought up in NYC and Chicago), "in addition of" reeks of anachronism. Just my two pence.