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Which is correct? "on the web" or "in the web" Provide some examples, please.
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AliMG40 profile picture AliMG40Praeitą mėnesį
Like Martha I would say "on the internet" as a first choice but on the web would be okay. Definitely not in the web though unless you are talking about flies and spiders.
exRanger profile picture exRangerPrieš 5 savaites
In (American ) English, "on the web" is perfect, and we would not usually say (or write) "on the internet",

An example: :For more information about the US Department of Education, find us on the web at
MarthaO profile picture MarthaOPraeitą mėnesį
I found a good article on the web yesterday.
Were you on the web last night?
(Though I usually say "internet)