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There are these sentences correct?

Then I was little I often had been to the countryside to my grandmother. I like seeing there for animals. My favorite animals were little chicken, they were as yellow  fluffy balls on legs and funny

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WHEN I was little I often WENT to the countryside to VISIT my grandmother. I likeD seeing there animals THERE. My favorite animals were little chicken. They LOOKED LIKE as yellow fluffy balls on legs and they were funny

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    Little chickens. Plural. Otherwise known as chicks. (Since the description is of chicks and not just small adult chickens, I recommend saying chicks.) Period after funny.
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Are these sentences correct? ( This is how the question should be )

When I was so young ( child), I used to go so often to the countryside to pay my grandmother a visit. I liked watching ( pondering at) animals there, my favorite ones were the chicks, as they were yellow and fluffy like balls with legs. That was so funny. big_smile.gif Good luck. I hope I could offer some help. big_smile.gif

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