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What is the difference between "to participate" or "to attend"?

"I will attend this event" VS "I will participate in this event"

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Tace profile picture TaceJune 2019

"To participate" means you take an active role in something.
"To attend" means you go to an event as the audience.


You might attend a party. In this case, you aren't a bystander, or audience. You would be part of the party, but you wouldn't say that you are going to participate in the party. You would simply attend. 

  • Vsevuskav profile picture Vsevuskav4 weeks ago
    ”To attend an event” simply means ”to be at an event”; it is a more formal way of saying ”to go to an event”. It doesn’t explicitly mean that you are part of the audience - so you can participate in an event while attending it.
anton_maximov profile picture anton_maximovJune 2019

To participate means to take part in an activity To attend means to take courses, for example I participate in this role play I attend French classes in the local language school I participate in every single activity in the school I attend. You cannot participate in a university, but you can attend it and participate in the discussions on seminars

Oh  sorry  I  haven't  read  your  question  till  the  end.  In  your  case both  sentenses  are correct,  but  if you  attend  the  event  you  are  mostly  a  viewer.  If  you  participate  in  the  event ,  you  are  on  the scene,  do  something  for  this  event  to  happen  

  • vincent profile picture vincentJune 2019
    Thanks Anton, it is much clearer now, I was always using "attend the language exchange event" but it should rather be "participate in the language exchange event"