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How to call this kind of situation: in a short moment, people suddenly didn't know how to answer sb's question.


 in a short moment, people suddenly didn’t know how to answer sb’s question.

For instance

  1. What should I say…
  2. Beats me.
  3. I can’t answer that.
  4. You’ve got me.
  5. Let me see.
  6. I'll find out for you.

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Most of your examples are ok. Let me add a few for you:
1. Let me get back to you.
2. Not sure.
3. Who knows?
4. I'll look into it.
5. Let me think about it a bit.

And, doubtless, many (many) more. You'll find that English is VERY FLEXIBLE when it comes to the numerous ways in which a simple idea can be expressed.
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Being held in suspense
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All wonderful!
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