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how to improve english speaking in british accent ?

Hello , my name is prya and I'm new here , I'm just wondering maybe anyone of you can give me some information about what's the best and fastest way to improving english speaking in british accent. Or maybe we can have some chat to help each other too

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anton_maximov profile picture anton_maximovApril 2019
That's simple, just turn on BBC channels, find British teacher's channels on YouTube and listen to them. If you still need to pick up your grammar, go to engvid.com and find Jane and Benjamin(they both have southern British accent) and there's an old lady there too, who speaks with the queen's accent. I personally don't care about the grammar they all teach, just go there to listen to their accents. Find channels that meet your general interests, too. If you'll be lucky enough find someone from GB who'll be ready to help
prya324 profile picture prya324April 2019

Thanks for your information guys, gotta check it out soon