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Why 'some' is used, not 'a'?

I was reading a dictionary for my kid but I can't get meaning of this sentence, "That is some house"? I'm wondering why 'some' is used, not 'a'?

Thank you.

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nmesomtoChukwu profile picture nmesomtoChukwuMarch 2019

"Some" in that context is just an expression of amazement. Replacing "some" with synonyms according to the context the sentence becomes:
• That's an incredible house, Chips!
• That's a remarkable house, Chips!
• That's a striking house, Chips!
What a house, Chips!

Here's a link to the definition from a dictionary:
* Check the third definition.

Also, sometimes this sentence might be:

• That's one house, Chips!
In this sentence "one" isn't used to number the house but it's used in the same context as "some" in your question. 

  • avoceyemalincarmel profile picture avoceyemalincarmelApril 2019
    well explained It actually goes with the context.Excitement talking about something or sometimes when expressing pride.
    Eg:p1 oh you really know about dressing.
    p2: you want to see fashion check behind you.
    p1h geeeez that's some fashion.
  • MARYFE23 profile picture MARYFE23March 2019
    nmesomtoChukwu, thank you.
    Does native always use 'some' for expression in speaking language? I hardly hear it in movies or I've just missed hearing it.
Reishii profile picture ReishiiLast month

Here is a clip from the movie JAWS that shows this type of phrase in use, as well as the emphasis put on 'some':

anton_maximov profile picture anton_maximovMarch 2019
Hi, I will try to explain you this, if I am wrong , someone will correct me. "Some" in that particular sentence means that that same house mentioned in the previous phrase is just any house standing in any place of the world. There's nothing special in it, it's just as any house you can run into.
  • exRanger profile picture exRangerApril 2019
    Not quite.... I refer the original question asker to the response provideed by nmesomtoChukwu -- his/her response is exactly correct. End of story.