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i need all people am discrib this feeling
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Hi, perhaps you are asking about the way to describe a need for friendship or a way to describe a state of not having people around you. If so the way to describe that feeling is "loneliness".
I hope this was helpful.
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    Good point Chukwu.
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Are you referring to the phrase "i need all people"? If you are, it can be expressed, in English, in several ways:
1. I need all people. (your original statement: simple & to the point)
2. I need everyone. (similarly simple and direct)

By the way, you 'question" should be worded differently, i.e.: "How do I describe this feeling?" or "How should I describe this feeling?". IF you want to include the "am" form of theverb "to be", you have written it thusly:
"How am I to describe this feeling?". It is a bit awkward but grammatically correct.
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"I need all of you / everyone" -- feeling: needy / lonely
describing person as someone who is clingy / dependent
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