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i need all people am discrib this feeling
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nmesomtoChukwu profile picture nmesomtoChukwuFebruary 2019
Hi, perhaps you are asking about the way to describe a need for friendship or a way to describe a state of not having people around you. If so the way to describe that feeling is "loneliness".
I hope this was helpful.
exRanger profile picture exRangerJanuary 2019
Are you referring to the phrase "i need all people"? If you are, it can be expressed, in English, in several ways:
1. I need all people. (your original statement: simple & to the point)
2. I need everyone. (similarly simple and direct)

By the way, you 'question" should be worded differently, i.e.: "How do I describe this feeling?" or "How should I describe this feeling?". IF you want to include the "am" form of theverb "to be", you have written it thusly:
"How am I to describe this feeling?". It is a bit awkward but grammatically correct.
taenarat profile picture taenaratFebruary 2019
"I need all of you / everyone" -- feeling: needy / lonely
describing person as someone who is clingy / dependent