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A story for children The arrogant rabbit and the wise tortoise .. I do not know if I have mistakes in telling the story or not?

The rabbit was proud of his speed and made fun of the tortoise, but the tortoise was wise and asked the rabbit to race with her, and the rabbit immediately agreed.
Halfway down, the rabbit looked at the turtle with contempt and said, "I'll sleep, and when I wake up, I'll keep walking and I'll win." But when he woke up he saw the turtle had reached the finish line.

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exRanger profile picture exRangerJanuary 2019
While this narrative could stand a bit of tightening up, you've converyed the gist of the legend as I recall it. For the record, in English, American and British, the usual title of this tale is "The Tortoise And The Hare", i.e., not "rabbit", although "rabbit" is acceptable. I'll doa bit of an overhaul for ya:
"The Tortoise And The Hare"
The hare, who was quite proud of his speed, teased the tortoise for being so slow. The tortoise, who was rather wise, challenged the hare to a race, to which the hare agreed. At approximately the mid-point of the race course, the hare, with contempt in his voice, told the tortoise "I'm going to take a short nap, after which I'll awaken, catch up and pass you to win this race." Some time later, the hare awakended, only to discover that the tortoise had completed the course and thus had won the race.