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Phrasal verb: Why we talk that: 1. I like to wear a nice dress. Or I get up a nice dress. I get down dance. Or I like to dance.
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First, your oening ought to be thusly stated: "Why do we say:"
1. I like to wear nice dresses (or I like wearing nice dresses)
2. "I get up a nice dress" means nothing sensible in English, I suspect it is derived from Russian "Я надеваю красивое платье.", which ought to be translated as "I am putting on a nice (beautiful, lovely) dress."
"I get down dance" is, again, senseless, though it smacks a bit of American Black "ghetto" style English, e..g, "I am getting down with this dance." or "I am getting down to dancing." But both are very "urban slang" insofar as their usage by Americans ethicities who are, as a Russian might say, "кое-то неграмотни".
"I like to dance." is a perfect sentence. "A keeper", as Americans might say.
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    Note: the phrase "I like dance." conveys more the meaning of liking dance as a performance art form, rather than participating in it directly. Think of it as being similar to the differences between the following two phrases:
    1. I like creating art.
    2. I like art.
    Понятно, да?
      January 2019
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    Thank you very much. I see. I like dancing. Or I like dance. Sounds better and is used more often in conversation.
      January 2019