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What is the difference between a smile and a grin?
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ej14 profile picture ej14April 2016
They're basically the same thing, but the tone is slightly different.

Smile is kind of the more general term, basically what you do when the corners of your mouth turn upwards (can range from to ). You can have a happy smile, or a polite smile (not really happy but smiling because you're supposed to), can be open or closed mouthed.

A 'grin' is a type of smile and usually only when you're really happy. Usually it's bigger (), almost always showing teeth. In fiction, people sometimes describe people having "evil grins". Basically that's kind of a manic, slightly insane grin (if you are familiar, the joker in Batman has an evil grin). Basically means "doing something very bad and really enjoying it".

I recommend doing a google image search for 'grin' and another one for 'smile'. It really drives the difference home.
Zuperzallinne profile picture ZuperzallinneApril 2016
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