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Which version is right: "depicted on the picture" or "depicted in the picture"??
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greenkiwis profile picture greenkiwisMarch 2013
Depicted in the picture.
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  • exRanger profile picture exRangerApril 2020
    So as to not sound redundant, when using the term "depict", it is better that the image source, i.e., "the picture", be accorded its more formal label, e.g., "photo", "painting", etc. So for example:

    "Depicted in the photo." OR "Depicted in the painting."

    Is this clear?
AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBg3 weeks ago
”in the picture” - for something that is a part/element of the visual image of the picture such as a person / building / scenery and so on.

”on the picture” - something physically different from the picture that is somehow connected or attached to the picture such as dust, a coffee cup, the edge of a frame, glass protection and so on.

So, the word ”to be depicted” means to be featured or to be the theme of sth. This is all a part/element of the picture. Therefore, ”depicted in the picture” is the correct phrase.
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