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what is your favorite job and why?
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Michaelblck profile picture MichaelblckAugust 2017
Psychologist .. Because I like understanding people and helping them.
RickyDicky profile picture RickyDickyJanuary 2015
I'm bartender at a ladies' night club in Delaware, and it's my favorite job because I serve the drinks nude.
Mahsa81 profile picture Mahsa812 weeks ago
Im a flight attendant . I love this job because I help to different people during flight and I really enjoy doing it .😊
AndrewStoun profile picture AndrewStounLast month

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Orameffees82 profile picture Orameffees82March 2021

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adamsonreviews profile picture adamsonreviewsFebruary 2021

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mauricio123456789 profile picture mauricio123456789December 2020
Agronomist. Because I love the agriculture and producing food for the population is an art
jdurand profile picture jdurandAugust 2017

I love designing new devices that have never existed before. There is risk, it's hard, but the reward is good. I also work part time in fireworks. More hard work and risk but a cheering crowd when it's over.  See my profile picture for me shooting fireworks.