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what is your favorite job and why?


Michaelblck profile picture MichaelblckAugust 2017
Psychologist .. Because I like understanding people and helping them.
kasia_krys2 profile picture kasia_krys2July 2021

Teacher. I love working with children. They are happy and creative. They don’t afraid and love life.

hhsynss profile picture hhsynssFebruary 2022
The best job is nothing, I like to be free..
Mahsa81 profile picture Mahsa81May 2021
Im a flight attendant . I love this job because I help to different people during flight and I really enjoy doing it .😊
ya_smine profile picture ya_smineOctober 2021
l want to be a doctor because l love somtache this job
Rihannakamali profile picture RihannakamaliApril 2022
My favourite job is dress designer.because it is very creative
vincent profile picture vincentFebruary 2022
help others.
Can_Scofield profile picture Can_ScofieldMay 2022
my favorite job Trucker. I love so much travel. and think it, your job is travel