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    • The Warm Gift from the Sahara Desert

    • The last day of March became a historical day in Kaliningrad region.
    • This day was beaten an absolute temperature record of the whole month ever.
  • In Kaliningrad the temperature rose to 23.3°C.
  • It’s something incredible for this time of the year.
    • Actually the weather are delights us more than a week by great warm, but the last day beat all possible records.
    • What were on the sea and in suburban trains better not to imagine.
    • By the way it was Sunday, so people got out of all the cracks and filled the beaches.
    • The only thing that issued that it’s not the hottest day of summer, but just the first part of spring is that people were sitting on their down jackets.
  • I also spent the day outside.
    • So I surely can say the weather could give a head starts to lots of summer day - no clouds, no wind, only heat and dust from Sahara desert...
    • Some days ago sakura started its blooming, plants and trees are fully speed to their vegetation.
    • Today has already started the new month and the warm isn’t so amazing, although the temperature are still very hugh for its period.
    • O I am really happy to be now outside, surrounding by sun, warm, birds singing, this fantastic air and awaking nature.
    • How great the spring is, especially after long grey winter.
  • I wish you a great spring with new opportunities and plans.
  • Let it brings you only good.

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