Text from deldar2 - English

    • Iran Seasons

    • Iran is forth seasons with pleasant weather and fit for tourists .
    • spring is beautiful in all over Iran cites summer is different in cites .in north coastal cites weather is warm and humid .
    • in south cites weather is very hot and humid but at the same time western cites weather is cool and pleasant .
    • other places are warm and dry but in these places there are areas that have mountains weather and cool ever if these area to be near desert.
    • Autumn has cool weather so that forests create beautiful sights with color leaves.
    • Winter in south cites Iran has spring weather and north cites always is cloudy and rainy . mountains area are snowy and deserts are cold and dry .
    • Iran is good place for winter sports .generally Whenever you plan to travel to Iran… Iran’s nature have wide rang for you .
    • Snowy mountains and silver beaches and gold deserts and fogy forests.
  • The people of Iran will welcome you.