Text from Denil - English

    • songs fragments

    • Hello, these writings are small fragments of 2 songs in Spanish, I put the lyrics in Spanish in parentheses and then my translation into English.
  • If anyone knows Spanish and English, please, correct my mistakes.
    • Or if someone only knows English, correct the words and grammar mistakes so that the sentences are coherent.
    • song fragment 1.
    • - (Amigos, conocí a una mujer tan preciosa, que por bella le di una rosa) Friends, i met to a woman so pretty, that for beautiful I gave her a rose.
    • - (tiene los ojos azules tan lindos como un reflejo del mar) She have got blue eyes so nice like a refletion of the sea.
    • - (ayer, caminando por una avenida, al parar de repente en la esquina) Yesterday, while we were walking for a avenue, suddenly when we stopped at the corner.
    • - (besé sus labios, sentí que era mia aquella linda mujer) I kissed her lips, I felt that she was mine that cute woman.
    • - (Llevo seis meses saliendo con ella, es tan fácil de amar) I’ve been six months with her, she is so easy to love.
    • - (todas las noches la llevo conmigo a pasear) All nights I take her with me to walk.
    • - (y la regreso temprano a sus casa para que pueda soñar) and I return her early to her house for that she would dream.
    • song fragment 2.
    • - (Esa risa que me aloca, tu mirada encantadora, y tu forma de ser me pone a pensar mucho mas en ti) That laughter that crazy me, your lovely look, and the way you are, it makes me think a lot more about you.
    • - (¿y que me pasa?) And what’s happening to me?
    • - (Que últimamente pienso mucho en ti) That lately I think a lot about you.
    • - (¿y que me pasa?) And what’s happening to me?
    • - (que a mis amigos yo les hablo de ti) That to my friends I talk them about of you.
    • -(que mis oídos buscan tus palabras) That my ears find your words.
    • -(y en las mañanas cuando tengo frio, me acuerdo de ti) And in the mornings when I feel cold, I remember you.