Text from sandraaa103 - English

    • a dialogue

  • -Hi Ann! How are you?
    • +Hi Susan, I’m fine, thank you. You?
    • -I’m very excitement, because I got today promotion and rise at work.
    • + It’s very good news, congratulations!
    • - Thanks +I’m glad that you are so good at work.
    • I’m admire you and I envy you a bit, because in my live is now a big confusion. -what’s wrong?
    • +I have problem with my dog.
    • He is still sick, and I have to go with him to the vet twice time at week.
    • It’s also cause of quarrel with my partner, because I don’t have enaught time for him because of my dog.
    • In my work was a lot of layoffs recently.
    • I’m afraid about my situation in work.
  • I don’t know if I can handle it.
    • - I’m listening you and I’m thinking that everything will be fine.
    • You should talk with your partner, that your dog is very important for you and his behavior is inapproprioate in this situation.
    • He should supprot you.
    • Maybe you should also look for new job.
  • +Thank you so much for your advice.
  • I will think about it.