Text from roman_starkov112 - English

  • My last few days

    • In these last few days I’ve been a bit busy with my school stuff: projects, tests, homework.
    • However, despite being ”extremely” busy I’ve managed to provide one class on TORFL.
    • This time most of students had the upper-intermediate level and it greatly facilitated my task.
    • I’ve had my very first conversation on the ecological problems.
    • We’ve discussed such problems as deforestation, water pollution, carbon dioxide emissions, animals’ extinctions, plastic islands and so on.
    • Later we’ve discussed what causes them and the ways of their solutions.
  • It was an interesting discussion.
    • At school they give us easy-peasy tasks on ”how much fur do the insects have all over their body?”.
    • I can’t catch the point of this kind of tasks.
    • It’s obvious that insects usually don’t have fur; some of them have hairs, others have shells and the other fancy names of the cover.
  • There are also other tasks such as: ”Which of the next animals have four paws: an ant, a dog or a beetle?”.
  • I remember I was asked this question when I was three years old and since then the questions haven’t changed.
    • Nevertheless, my favourite subject at school is Science.
  • My favourite topic is the starry sky.
  • I like looking up in the sky and finding constellations.
    • If you’ll break up the word on roots and suffixes, the word ”stella” in Italian means a star, the preposition con means ”with” and the suffix ”-tion” means action.
    • So all together it’s ”acts with stars”.
    • I also like Russian at school.
    • I don’t like Physical education.
  • It’s because it’s always noisy in the gym.
    • I can’t stand noise, it gives me a terrible headache for the rest of the day.
    • In these few days the first snow has fallen and I played snowball fights with my gang.