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  • Essay

    • Is it better to visit places in your own country or a foreing country when do you go on holiday?
    • These days, travelling is important part of life.
    • Some of us go to foreign countries, others prefer motherland.
    • Each variant has its pros and cons.
    • In this essay I would like to consider them and share my final judgment.
    • First, the main factor to view is interest.
    • Everybody knows native land and has possibility to go anywhere anytime.
    • In my opinion, trip to foreign place is more stunning.
    • Different society, language, architecture make visiting vivid and educative.
    • Second, regard the financial component.
    • Frequently, abroad journey is expensive way.
    • People have to pay for a visa, passport, tickets.
    • However, travelling through homeland is way to save money.
    • For example, person can go to relatives in own car.
    • Therefore, it option is cheaper.
    • Finally, one must consider the element of the road time.
    • Some of lovely overseas places are located far from home.
    • Tourists fly by plane long time to endpoint.
    • Surely, wasting precious time.
    • Another case is visiting own country.
    • The road takes less time.
    • Everybody can spent it for interesting things, such as sea, beach, theatre.
    • In conclusion, journey to foreign country is wiser choice.
    • It opens your mind.
    • Also it gives the opportunity to explore the world.