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  • What is Peace?

    • A king, beloved by his people, declares that he will reward the artist who will portray peace in the best way.
  • Many artists participate in the contest.
    • They work for days, make beautiful pictures, deliver the works to the palace.
    • The king who looks at the paintings just likes the two.
    • But he has to decide to choose the first one.
    • One of the pictures has a lake.
    • The lake reflects the image of the mountains rising around it, just like a mirror.
    • At the top, cotton-white clouds decorate the sky.
    • The painting is beautiful enough to give ministers a perfect sense of peace.
    • There are mountains in the other picture.
    • But rugged and bare mountains.
    • The raining and lightning flashing from the angry sky above the mountains make the picture even more troubled.
    • The waterfall on the slopes of the mountain is depicted enough to remind people of noise and fatigue.
    • In short, painting is not that kind of peace.
    • But when the king looks at the picture, he sees a tiny little shrub out of the crack on the rocks behind the waterfall.
    • Above the bush, a bird's nest covered by a mother bird stands out.
    • The nest set up by the mother bird in the middle of the hard water offers a wonderful example of peace and quiet to the viewers.
    • Who do you think won the prize?
    • Of course, the second picture ...
    • The King explained why: "Peace is not a place where there is no noise, trouble or difficulty.
    • Peace is the fact that our heart can find peace even in all of this."