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India is the 7th largest country in the world having more than 1.24 billion population. A country with greatest diversity. A country where more than 500 languages are spoken in over 1800 dialects. A country with 22 official languages where each language has equal importance. India has 28 states and 7 union territories each of them is like a small country. Every state has its own languages, culture. India is a place where dialect changes at every 50km, a place where you see a difference in language and culture if you move from north to south and east to west. A place with strong unity in greatest diversity.

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k4kunal profile picture k4kunalJune 2016
Hello who's English is conversational or more and want to practice English to be fluent.Feel free to drop a message for me.
  • mukund_cha profile picture mukund_chaNovember 2017
    Can i ask you something - do you wish to offer and want to have English conversation practice ? Please make it clear. Regards,
  • mukund_cha profile picture mukund_chaNovember 2017
    Hello, first of all, let me correct your message. It should be good to say : WHOSE (English) language is conversational and / or fluent .......
  • hemu1234 profile picture hemu1234January 2017
    इस टिप्पणी का जवाब दें...
  • Vanimaha profile picture VanimahaDecember 2016
    I would also like to join
  • alok07 profile picture alok07November 2016
    hello there, I would like to join you. Thanks
  • izhar02 profile picture izhar02November 2016
    i want to conversation in english
  • Abhayggn profile picture AbhayggnAugust 2016
    I want to improve my english communication. I am from india and mobile number is 91-9899157244
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