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  • Vivize profile picture Vivize   
    én is
      October 2012
rockss profile picture rockss   
Hey, I am from Germany but I am in Budapest now for an internship. I really like to learn Hungarian, so if someone is interested in learning German and want to teach me Hungarian feel free to contact me! Best regards
    October 2012
  • SybilLynn profile picture SybilLynn   
    Hi, I am interested in the exchange native Hungarian, with a B2 German language exam but I forgot almost everything I learned
      October 2012
R-chan profile picture R-chan   
Hello there everyone!
I'm Australian-Hungarian (NOT Austrian! LOL ) English and Hugarian language teacher who is looking for people to learn Japanese with in exchange for either English or Hungarian.

I would also be interested in Russian or German as well, but not until AFTER my N4 Japanese test this December


    October 2012
mandygabor profile picture mandygabor   
Hi, I'm new here. Please look at my profile and contact me if you are interested. Gabor
    September 2012
  • angeloscarpa profile picture angeloscarpa   
    hi alessietta! actually i m very interested learnin' italian. I got advanced sardinian language skills, let me know if u re interested to get a exchange
      September 2012